Frequently Asked Questions


Where do you go for help in Logistics, Transportation, Distribution, and Supply Chain management for your Global and Domestic network needs?

Logistics Advisory Services
 01  Does our Company have to submit a Logistics RFP to receive a pricing quote from RedPoint Advisory Services?

We always welcome the opportunity to respond to RFP opportunities, however, if you join the Everest Club, we can give you an immediate Membership Advisory Pricing estimate. 




 02  If Our Company plans to book an advisory engagement with RedPoint Advisory Services, can it be done do it online? 

Yes, you can book both Advisory Consulting Services and Advisory On-Site Services with RedPoint Advisory Services using our convenient on-line booking system when you join the Everest Club. Club Membership will give you added benefits and we will take you higher. 




 03  What level Leadership Associate, Advisory Consultant or Project Manager will be assigned to my project?

RedPoint aligns with the needs of your company and leadership to understand the objectives of your project and staff the appropriate level resources and skill level to deliver the results on time and on the budget. 




 04  What if My Company is Looking for an Operational Assessment to See How and Where We Might Improve? 

We will provide you an Operational Assessment of both current state capabilities as well as any recommendation to get your company to a competitive future state. Our Lean Continuous Improvement process along with our foundational STOE approach will develop multiple opportunities of improvement for your company and stakeholders. 




 05  Does RedPoint Advisory Services provide support for my Global  Logistics needs and my network optimization?

Yes, we are able to serve your needs in the USA and outside the United States. We have Logistics and SC Optimization experience in North America, South America, Europe, China, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, and Austrailia. We also have resources in other countries. 

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