Red in RedPoint - Red in RedPoint inspires us, encourages us and gives us passion and high energy on a daily basis to always perform at a high level for ourselves, our stakeholders, and our customers.  

Point in RedPoint - The Customer's Goals & Objectives

Rise and Climb - Rise and Climb is the Team Client Motto for bringing passion, high energy, and collaboration to all of our client projects. We understand that each and every day is a new beginning and we must Rise and Climb to serve our Clients needs and objectives. We also are motivated to align with

our clients and partners so we may help them Rise and Climb. 

We Will Take You Higher - RedPoint's Leadership Motto based on our philosophy of Think Big and Keep Climbing. The We will take you higher strategy takes our Clients to the top of the mountain for a clear view of their business strategy(STOE). In addition, We Will Take You Higher signifies to our Clients we will take their operations to a optimized and elevated level of performance. 

STOE - RedPoint's STOE process for Strategic Vision Planning, Tactical Planning and Operational Execution Measurement has been used in multiple countries in diverse complex logistics and supply chain operating environments. We incorporate Hoshin Kanri Planning techniques into our process to give Clients alignment throughout the enterprise. 

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